Monday, July 10, 2006

More Myers Briggs!

As promised here is a copy of my PowerPoint presentation for distribution
to those who attended. I also attach Pumpkin Soup - a light hearted look at
core functions and a very brief look at managing different types.

I thought the feedback was very fair. I do sometimes tend to go on a bit
and didn't get round to the interactive bit I had planned. I suspect the
Is were happy and that in general it was the Es who would have preferred more

I will wait and see what response, if any comes from those who missed out.
We'll keep in touch on that one.

I had a mental block on the big five traits. They are:

* Neuroticism (vs Emotional Stability)
* Extraversion (vs Introversion)
* Openness to experience (vs Closedness to experiences)
* Agreeableness (vs Disagreeableness)
* Conscientiousness (vs Lack of conscientiousness)

For further reading 'Gifts Differing', Myers and Myers is as good as
anything I can recall.

Good luck with your away day.

Best wishes


Powerpoint presentation on MB

Implications for Managing Others

Pumpkin Soup


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